Milwaukee Urology Specialists Patient Information

Pre-Surgery Medication Checklist

Please download a list of medications that should be stopped in the timeline listed before surgery.

(Download a copy of this document by clicking here)

Voiding Diary Instructions

A voiding diary is a 24 hour recording of your liquid intake and urine output. The information recorded can be helpful to your healthcare provider to understand your fluid balance, urinary frequency, functional bladder capacity (how much your bladder holds in your own environment), and many other aspects important to bladder function.

(Download a copy of these instructions and the voiding diary by clicking here)

You may print as many pages of the diary as necessary to complete the 3 days of recording. 

Don’t forget to bring your completed diaries back to the doctor’s office at your return visit.


Urodynamics is a series of tests that will help the doctors evaluate problems you may have with holding or emptying urine.  The results of your urodynamic profile (UDP) will help determine the best treatment option for you.

Click here to view information about UDP tests.